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    Sales of LLP400 reached a new high
    Time: 2019-07-17 15:23:59

    On November 15, 2018, XMLITE Lighting first announced on Wechat Public Platform: XMLITE Lighting with USHIO launched a new service rule for LLP400: "Lighting Quality Guarantee 1000 hours or two years".


    It's been 8 months. I believe most users in the industry have heard about this product. LLP400 is not only a new high in sales, but also a new high in customer satisfaction. Why launch this service? First, the market demand, users no longer need to complain about the lamp manufacturers; second, to encourage themselves to provide users with more reliable products.


    Reminder: LLP400 is not only slower than 380W in the market, but also brighter than 380W.