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Xmlite 200W moving head light beam used for China largest Bamboo Festival

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Xmlite beam200 moinv  head  light.with honourly used for China's largest and highest and most influential national and international bamboo festival it was Seventh China Bamboo Cultural Festival, held in Yixing,9-10th November 2013.

China Bamboo Cultural Festival is a blend of bamboo technology, promote bamboo culture, the development of bamboo industry,revitalize the economy as the theme of bamboo national,international thematic festivals.

This show used XMLite BEAM200 moving head beam light.When the curtain,bringing together hundreds of beams of light on the stage and screen in the bamboo embraced trees to make dye bright colors,while traveling in the story, the lights also developed transformation, reproduction magical scene,rendered the real dance dream like magic.

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