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Why we lanuched 9r Beam moving head

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XMlite 9r Beam moving head
XMlite  as a stage lighting factory lanuched new 9r Beam moving head ,Modle NO . Nex 260. Why do we make this Nex260? Nex260 BEAM MOVING HEAD LIGHT has made many improvements over the original moving head beam 230. . With the progress of optical technology and electronic components,products have the advantage of backwardness in upgrading.
First, the light efficiency is higher, the lamp power is improved, and the optical mirror is increased to 140 MM.
Second, the speed is faster, and the speed of XY axis is much faster.
Third, more prisms, from a single prism,can be superimposed on three prisms, optional full-color.
Fourthly, the positioning is more accurate,and the original optocoupler positioning is changed to magnetic coding.

Small volume light weight beam, alwaysinseparable, because of the price advantage. Xiangming Lighting Nex 260 260W BEAM MOVING HEAD LIGHT hasalready shipped more than 1,000 units per month. I believe that more and more users will like it in the future, and it will become the first choice for small beams in engineering.


If you have different opinions or have any questions ,I'll be all ears.