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400w moving head beam lights are used in the 2020 Huya Live Star Festival

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On the evening of January 23, the "2020 Huya Live Star Festival" opened with famous singers Xu Wei, Huang Ling, popular idol girl group SNH48, pop rock singer Zhang Hengyuan, national idol girl group AKB48 Team SH, host Li Hao, Guo Xiaomin, etc. Popular star idols are all on stage.

The popularity of the live broadcast room exceeded 13 million at one time. The high enthusiasm of the fans gathered in the live broadcast room into a screen barrage, and Huya once again presented a benchmark and wonderful ceremony for the game live broadcast industry.

For this live broadcast party, Xiangming lighting products were used: 400w beam, 37*15w wash moving head  light, 27*10w par light.

Photos of the event: