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how to use a Led wash moving head light in Banquet- design idea of Tianfu Design

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Tianfu  banquet hall  located in Hohhot city China, it is committed to building a high-end banquet brand  catering.It t is three floors, with different heights of 7 meters, 9 meters and 11 meters. There are 13 banquet halls, including 4 halls on the first floor; There are three halls on the second floor and two halls on the second half floor; There are three halls on the third floor and one hall on the third and a half floor. According to the consumption level of customers, it can be divided into three grades: high, middle and low, with different areas and different number of tables.

                                                                        Improve  decoration efficiency
The project construction party and XMLIE have cooperated for many times before. This time, after many discussions, they put forward the new concept of wedding hall: the whole hall with white light luxury style is customized. Turn the decoration into modular assembly, and use 3D modeling design for pre construction. According to the accurate size, props and decoration materials manufacturers can start their own production workshop early. The advantages are: good for construction, high construction efficiency, low material cost and convenient maintenance. It not only saves the decoration time, but also saves the rent. What's more, it can combine the change of dyeing effect of lamps and lanterns, and perfectly integrate the style of lamps and lanterns and decoration, aiming to build the talent feast into a high-end wedding hall in Hohhot city.
                                                                               Color free variation
Considering that the wedding couple will have their favorite colors for the wedding, including the choice of props, they will also put forward some customized ideas. At the beginning of the design, the lamp is required to have a perfect color mixing system, and the standard single red, green and blue [RGB] can not meet the use at all. Some newlyweds prefer: Tiffany (blue), dark black (green), ice (blue), light (pink), neutral (white) and other non LED light source colors. These colors need three RGB colors combined at the same time, and then can be achieved through perfect optical mixing and superposition. Through the perfect color change, and then replace a small amount of props, we can achieve the customized scene needed by the new people, bring the guests an immersive experience, change the sense of space, without repeated building, more quickly realize the requirements of the new people, and produce a completely different style. All kinds of changes can extend the life of decoration style, and perfect color adjustment can keep the banquet hall fashionable all the time.
                                                                 Hide the lighting device but can see the bright.
All the devices housing with white , for convenient to hide the lighting devices, so that the guests only can see the bright. XMLITE realized the three-dimensional changes of the wedding hall from the ceilling, wall, ground, desktop, stage and so on. All the lights can adjust color and brightness. Lighting is not only a technology, but also an artistic presentation. We are not only selling lighting device, we  are selling perfect effects too.
                                                                   Good brightness, pure color
Tianfu banquet hall using XMLITE a part of stand Beam 400, Beam 260, with zoom wash moving head ligth  and par light.According to different floor heights (7 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters), three kinds of wash. Different light sources and different angles are customized to realize different floor heights, which can make guests feel the color of dishes and improve their appetite.In high-rise buildings, the 400 beam mvoing head light has 11 different prism effects, bringing different line changes to the ballroom.In the low level,  using 260 beam moving head light which is compact, easy to hide and bright enough.XMLITE products have good brightness and pure color, which are very satisfactory to users.
                                                                            Fully booked
A perfect wedding hall works relies on the efforts of many parties. XMLITE is fortunate to be able to participate in the realization of this high-end wedding hall works, and has been highly praised by the users.Tianfu banquet hall opened in March 2021. In the first month, the reservation was extremely hot. More than 7000 tables were ordered for the banquet, and the reservation rate increased significantly, rapidly occupying the local high-end wedding banquet market. In northern China, wedding industry has a great influence, many wedding hall designers from all over the country come to visit and exchange.
In 2021,XMLITE put forward the future brand strategic positioning, "to become a first-class R & D moving head light manufacturer with satisfaction", a new slogan: Choosing XMLITE is right.
Tianfu  banquet hall photos