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2021 XMLITE moving head light Research Report

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The LED color management system adopted by XMLITE  ensures the consistency of different batches and the basic consistency of color temperature and color rendering index in the dimming interval in led  moving head light . The LM660 lamp is a 6-color 800W moving head LED dyeing lamp. The measured Ra is between 92-96, and the color temperature is within the linear adjustable range of 1800-10000K. The display index changes very little.


The optical-grade silicone light guide rod independently developed by XMLITE reduces the cost while ensuring the light efficiency utilization and light color consistency.


In addition, high-power LED light source modules are developing rapidly. The light source powers of 1200W and 1400W have been used in computer pattern lights, cutting lights, dyeing lights, etc. The noise of the lamps cannot be ignored. How to balance the illuminance and noise is a problem that manufacturers attach great importance to. The use of new materials, new designs, and new processes to reduce noise has achieved certain practical results.


XMLITE LED1200W cutting computer light, the cutting module adopts a patented structure, the cutting blade can be rotated 180°, and the 11x large zoom (5°-55°) function of the lamp can meet the needs of multiple scenarios and improve the programming efficiency of the lighting engineer.

Differentiated and customized production for different customers is one of the ways companies respond to consumption upgrades. According to customer needs, Xiangming subtracted the functions of the lamps, such as computer lamps with only cutting function and no pattern wheel, etc., to improve the cost-effectiveness, which is welcomed by the market.

With the National Fourteenth Five-Year Plan and the 2035 long-term goal outline, technological innovation and digital upgrades have become an important starting point for my country's high-quality economic development in the future. Cultural equipment is one of the major categories of the overall equipment manufacturing system in the strategy of building a culturally strong country and manufacturing a strong country. Lighting equipment is an important part of performing arts equipment. The development of the industry has gone from weak to strong, from manual to automatic, from imitation to innovation. Historical phases. Facing the future cultural market and industrial development positioning, facing the new development pattern of domestic and international dual-cycle mutual promotion, lighting manufacturing enterprises will inevitably enter the stage of comprehensive upgrading of the industrial chain.

Through the research, experts deeply felt that the company took root in the industry and did not forget the enterprising spirit of the original aspiration. Technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the primary driving force for development. Companies are paying more and more attention to R&D and intellectual property rights, and their investment continues to increase. This is an era of coexistence of pressure and opportunities. Growing companies continue to tap their potentials, make up for shortcomings, and differentiated development ideas to help improve the industry and upgrade user experience. Leading companies are leading the exploration in the field of digitalization and intelligence. From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the concept of Industry 4.0 has been put on the agenda.

I hope that the road for enterprises in the future will be wider and wider and farther and farther, and we will work together for the country to realize the grand blueprint from an industrial power to an industrial power!