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Why does the moving head beam light exist in the stage light show for a long time?

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Ten years ago, when there was no movinghead beam in the domestic stage light market, people were using 250W, 575W,1200W and other moving head spot lights for activities. However, because thelight source of stage light equipment is the discharge lamp or the pin bulb atboth ends, the electric arc spacing of the light sources is large, and thelight efficiency utilization rate is low, and it shines cone-shaped light witha large opening angle and a large light spreading area Relatively large, can only show the art of gentle and understanding, create a warm and romanticatmosphere. If you need the opening show and singing and dancing, and thenmatch with strobe, to make a passionate visual impact effect and otherexplosive scenes, these lamps obviously can't do it.


With the rapid development of globaleconomy, a variety of large-scale stage light shows emerge in an endlessstream. In 2008, with the breakthrough of light source, Philips took the leadin introducing light source with smaller arc distance. The revolution of lightsource technology made narrow angle light, moving head beam come into being. Theprinciple of beam lamp is to focus the light source on a focal point so thatthe light source can be emitted more intensively and form a beam. The most importantthing is the light column. A bright light column is the pursuit of the beamlamp; its unique design of small caliber cup and precise focal lengthpositioning principle make its light efficiency extremely high. Therefore, thebeam moving, even with a power of 200 watts, can create a brighter beam thanthe previous discharge lamp 575W moving head light or even 800W.The beam movinghead relies on its small power and bright beam. Gradually, we found that theprojector light source with smaller electric arc can make the beam angle lessthan 3°, and the volume of lamps will also be reduced .The size of the beammoving head is smaller, and it is easier to realize the fast swing speed. Itcan play a more powerful stage light show. With the strong music, it caninstantly ignite the atmosphere of the activity site.

(Below Photo:2019 Hong Kong Miss Asiaevent)

With the passage of time, the amount ofmarket is increasing. In recent years, the beam moving head is developingvigorously, which is a necessary item for the major stage light factory. Moreand more power varieties are made, more and more functions are made, and theeffect is more and more in line with the market demand. From 300W beam movinghead to 200W beam moving head, 230W beam moving head to 260W beam moving head, 280W beam  moving head, 330W beam moving head, 350Wbeam  moving head, 380W beam moving head,400W beam  moving head, 440W beam movinghead, 580 beam moving head and other products, functions from simple beam,color, fixed pattern, single prism to beam, fixed pattern, rotating pattern,multiple prisms, CMY stepless color mixing, CTO linear color temperature and soon, meet more use needs of lighting engineers. As the sales volume becomeslarger and larger, the huge demand at home and abroad makes the product costdecrease, and the purchase unit price of the customer decreases accordingly.Naturally, the more affordable and the more users like to use, that why doesthe beam moving head exist in the performance market for a long time. I believethat the beam lamp will not fade out of the stage easily in the performancemarket in the future. (Below photo: Commissioning site of "night ofRuifeng" in Yuanjiang, Hunan Province)


At present, the beam light factory isbecoming more and more saturated, which makes the profits of beam lightscontinue to shrink. The upstream and downstream of the industry chain of thestage light can no longer regard the beam moving head as the growth point ofprofit. The stage lighting manufacturers need to dig more product innovation tostimulate the market, so as to obtain greater development space.