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  • XC230 moving head beam 230Back

  • Model: 
  • Voltage: 110V~240V/50-60Hz
  • Bulb model: BORYLI MSD R7 230
  • Effect wheel: 
  • Color wheel: Color : 14 color + blank color wheel
  • Gobo: 17 fixed gobo + blank gobo, 3 of those are color gobos.
  • Power: 
  • IP lever: 20
  • Voltage: 
  • Size: 17.5 KG
  • Function: 
  • Carton size: 
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Mode NO. :XC230 Moving Head Beam
Channel Mode : 16/ 20 CH

Light Source

Lamp : BORYLI MSD R7 230 
Power:400W, Ballast : Electronic ballast
Voltage : 110V~240V/50-60Hz  

Optical System
Lens : high precision optical lens.
Beam angle : parallel beam angel  0 – 3.8°
Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment
Wash effect : adjustable Wash effects angle.
Focus: linear adjustment.
Strobe : Double lens strobe (0.5-9 times/ second).

Gobo Wheels
17 fixed gobo + blank gobo, 3 of those are color gobos.

Color Wheels
Color : 14 color + blank color wheel

Prism System
Rotation 16-face prism with rotation .

Control & Screen
Display: led red matrix display.
Control mode : Standard DMX512, Automatic and Master/ slave mode.
Controller can open the lamp and reset, including delaying function.

 X axis 540°, Y axis 250°automatically accurate positioning.

Size & Weight
Product size : 410x330x500 mm

Net Weight: 17.5 KG.

This item is 230 moving head beam,which have narrow spot and sharp effect .7R moving head beam also been called as 230W moving head beam or sharpy( because it is first mode for claypaky who produce beam light)

1.Power Cables
2.safety cable
4.User manual

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