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XMlite 1400W profile moving head lights show

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The scene of thelarge-scale live mythical musical "the Treaty of Kunlun" is in thebeautiful south mountain scenic area of Urumqi. The theme of the play is tomaintain the reunification of the motherland and promote national unity, whichshows the long history of exchanges and exchanges between the mainland and thefrontier people.

In this play, with XMLITE  highCRI  1400W customized profile moving head  lights: 80 pcs, 1400W beam moving head light: 54pcs. XMLITE 1400W moving head lights have precise positioning of shaking head,with accurate cutting system, pure color, high brightness and high stability.

“The treatyt ofKunlun” is a mythical play, a musical play with a very large art space; thelive stage area of 20000 square meters on site, with more than 500 actorsparticipating. Once upon a time, the queen mother of the west, the goddess ofKunlun, and the Yellow Emperor had made an appointment to use the jade ofKunlun and the gold of the East. A thousand years later, King Mu of Zhou ruledthe world, and the Chinese nation gradually became a nation. King Mu of Zhouwent west to fulfill the promise of the Yellow Emperor, swearing to exchangeheart for heart, and change the heart of the world.

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