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Market experience share for moving head light

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It is known to all ,we are China biggest supplier of beam200 moving head light now , Until 2012 year Jan to Nov,
We have sold out over 38000pcs, since July, every month we can sell over 2000pcs per month.
Those achievement is up to your supports!

We want to share the successful experienceof Chinese market.
In China ,there is 23 city have oursole agency. Except sell the product ,they also will do another issue to helpwe enlarge the market., we will talk about this later
We keep the Chinese end user market priceas USD750(with flycase). Of course ,we give lower price to our agency.
Why when Chinaanother factory sell at USD550 in Chinamarket but we still keep this good price? and still have good order quantity. Becausewe have very good after sell service and stable products. We insist believingthat our product should be this price.
I want to share the after sell service in China:
1.      No matter ,where is thecustomer comet to ask the price ,we only give him the price of USD750.andintroduce our agency in his city. If the customer insist on buying from us, wealso will sell ,but after selling ,we will give the benefit to our agency.
2.      We give our customer 3 years guarantee.First year ,we even pay for the transport cost of the broken spare parts, andif they need the technical service ,we also will let our engineer come andcheck ,then repair them. All is free. If our customer send back the wholeproducts to our factory , we also will pay for the transport cost , but usuallyspeaking ,Our customer is professional ,they only need spare parts.
3 years guarantee, also means that ,when the ender user want toresell his product in the second year. He as well, could sell at good price ,because , there still have after sell service. and the market of our lightstill is USD550!
3.      We have special service ,we call it as FEED, This means ,when customer buy our products. The customer couldrent the 50%  quantity as many as he buyfrom us with half price.
For example.Tommy buy 20pcs,but his show need 30pcs. And in the market the rent cost ofanother 10pcs should be USD30 each. If he buy our product(only after he buy ourproducts),he can rent another 10pcs from our Agency in his city. The rent pricewill be USD15. This is very helpful for our end users. And for every agency

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