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XMLite Moving head hotbeam moving head light Cheer on the night of Guinness

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The 2015 Guinness China Night" (Spring Edition)  in the Jiangsu province of Jiangyin Hailan International Equestrian Club start recording on 5th Jan 2015. A program host for the CCTV headed Zhu Xun, The contestants devided into international team and Chinese team. 

The leader as Sa Beining and Bai Keli lead 2 teams for cheer people, blue and red teams. here are the photos share to everyone.

Sawing one and one new Guinness world recorded, it is so excited and encouraging.

360pcs Hot beam280 moving head light beam light and 80pcs LM1915 LED moving head light wash stay being outstanding performance, we are very proud of XMLITE's products' stability and quality and much progess. it means our products is more acceptable and recongized by users.

Program recording time will continue till Jan 14th 2015. the program is expected to broadcast on the prime time in CCTV1.

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