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Xmlite BS440 moving head hybrid show in Getshow

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During the GETSHOW exhibition in Guangzhou, XMlite as the China moving head light factory,Xiangming lighting new products of the year BS440 moving head hybrid , BEAM440 moving head beam light, 440 FOLLOW SPOT lights,attracted many visitor interested.

And XMlite build a 12 meters high truss out of  factory building to show the new products.

It was given an impressive experience to customers. and XMLITE is the first moving head light factory who made the 440w moving head beam light in China. 

BS440 moving head hybrid, more features, the Beam angle adjusted from 2.5-45, a new smoothing technique, pattern brightness can compared with the 1200w. 3 independent prism.
FS440 FOLLOW SPOT , can have the nice brightness as far as 60 meters distance.

BEAM440 moving head beam light is the pure beam light, it is the strongest beam, 3 independent prisms and wide angle!

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