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The LLP380 beam moving head light,was launched in 2021. It is a beam light optimized on the basis of XMlite LLP400. The size is 30% smaller than the LLP400 and the weight is lighter. The light source is USHIO NSL391 , and the light source is guaranteed for 800 hours or 18 months  ; Two single prism disks can be superimposed to produce three different prism effects; the optical system is designed with emphasis on the sharpness of the beam; the products are mainly used in government and enterprise projects, banquet halls, school auditoriums, touring performance rentals and other places.

Mode NO LLP380


Channels Mode:16/20CH


Light Source 

Light Source :Japenese USHIO NSL391

Lamp Color Temperatrue :7400K

Total luminous flux:25600 lumens

Lamp lifespan:1500 hours




Optical System

Beam angle:2.0°;


Gobo Wheels

14 colors + white


Color Wheels

Fixed GOBO: 14+ white

Color chip: special high temperature resistant raw material, bright andbright color;



Prism System

Prism 1:1 pcs 16prism,16facet prism+18facet prism(6+12doublelayer);


Control & Screen

Display: 2.8 inch touch screen, can be reversed 180°,

Using magnetic code reset,accurate positioning of XY axis;

Dimming: 0-100% mechanical dimming

Support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable speed stroboscopiceffects, support stroboscopic macro function, retrieval and reset;


Positioning technology: Magnetoelectric positioning system is adopted,and the traditional Hall positioning system is replaced by magnetic devices,which has higher accuracy and reliable performance; it is not affected by theintervention of oil smoke, dust, and natural light.


USB: Supports dialing the address codewhen the power is not turned on, and can be used as an external interface forsoftware upgrade; supports RDM protocol, and can dial the address code remotelyand intelligently through the console.






IP protection level: IP20;


Size & Weight

Product size:382x260x563 mm;

Flycaes: 960x510x74 0 mm;

Carton box: 460x440x580 mm;

N.W.:17 KG;

G.W.: 21 KG( Withcarton).