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Why XMlite 17R beam moving head movement can be so accurate?

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                                                    WHY XMlite 17R beam moving head Movement can be so accurate?

It will be an annoying thing if you found the pan/tilt movement position were not accurate from one moving head. especially for a professional lighting designer.
because if they were out of position,it maybe ruin your a whole perfect performance!

XMLITE firstly initiate a creative technical factor which is a new magnetic sensor system. It will keep the pan/tilt movement exact accurate as you want.and much less complaint from customers.
Because according to the Pan/tilt movement positioning requirements,we used the closed-loop control, each step should be  counted to check to avoid leakage or multi-turn. 

In previous XMLITE'S products, we adopt the count plate and photoelectric switch to count, it is named as photoelectric encoder. Counting disk has 50 square holes, the accuracy is only 50 levels.
This method of correction is very afraid of dust, once it get dusty,it will cause the position out of place. so it needs your regular cleaning and daily care for that.

And the old correction method needs to adjust the distance of the photoelectric switch, and the deformation of the counting disk may also cause problems.

Now, the XMLITE BEAM350, we have the new magnetic code correction, also known as magnetic encoder. it will changes into the magnetic level to count according to the motor rotation process, and the accuracy can be reached at 1024 levels, so it keep that ultra-accurate without any dusty interference.

This New magnetic code correction is higher cost but more simple!

XMlite is one of the biggest moving head light factory in China. We produce moving head beam light (7R beam , 9R moving head beam light) and moving head wash, moving head hybrid( 3 in 1 moving head light) and profile moving head light.

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