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XMLITE's 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival Party for all employees was successfully held

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At the party, XMLITE General Manager Mr.Lince Said in his speech that he was very happy to be able to get together with everyone and have a good time over wine. XMLITE has been a factory for 13 years. The number of employees is increasing, and a high degree of ideological unity is becoming more and more important. He called on all employees to work hard around the company's corporate culture, and then he introduced the entire content of XMLTE's corporate culture in detail.

Later, Mr. Lince introduced the performance of XMLITE  this year. Without the impact of the epidemic, the performance at home and abroad has made steady progress. He hopes that all colleagues will have more and more confidence in XMLITE. At the just-concluded G20 Summit in India, XMLITE products appeared at this international event.

The special services launched by XMLITE: three-year after-sales and recycling policy have been highly praised by more and more performers, and they will continue to adhere to these special services in the future. As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, the XMLITE brand is favored by more and more engineering companies due to its high cost performance and complete qualification system. I believe that XMLITE company will get better and better, and all employees and the company will develop together. Finally, I wish everyone a happy National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.

In this rare sorority, all XMLITE employees communicated with each other at close range and gathered together, which not only eliminated the small frictions in the past work, but also enhanced mutual feelings, achieved internal unity, and enhanced the company's cohesion.

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