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In 2018 and we have launched our New LED moving head profile

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XMTLIE is a responsible and established  member of the Chinese profile moving head lights industry.
With the consistent effort of our R & D department, in 2018 and we have launched our super efficient XMLITE lighting system. 
This high tech and technologically advanced product is a high-power profile moving head light and has long been known as the product to incorporate state of the art technology.
Our superb highly qualified and dedicated Product Development team has made this ground braking development and made the product market ready completely market ready in record time.
XMLITE moving head profilerange : 1400W bulb light source [high indication], 600W LED light source, 470W LED light source.
We welcome expert suggestions and comments to help us make our product more versatile in both performance durability and we assure you that the same will receive out serious consideration.
Please look forward to WeChat's public platform for our product announcement.