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stage lighting used in banquet hall

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In recent years, stage lighting and sound are used more and more frequently in banquets, weddings, press conferences and other activities held in hotels. Many hotels install stage lighting, moving head hybrid ,sound, LED screens and other equipment in the banquet hall to attract customers to order food.The continuous decline in the price of stage  lighting equipment is one of the main reasons to attract the investment of the hotel side, and some hotels choose to invest in the equipment by a third party and share with it. 


Imagine that when the banquet is about to start, there will be a cool stage lighting show, which can quickly attract the eyes of the attendees to the stage and enliven the atmosphere, then you can understand the importance of lighting.The lighting equipment that banquet hall chooses basically has these a few kinds.Moving head beam, moving head wash , moving head hybrid, face lighting and others


Moving head beam is one of the indispensable lamps and the core product of light show.The Moving head beam can be used as the molding light of stage area or T stage area, and the effect light of music and scene, rendering the whole hall and enlivening atmosphere.Intervening prism can be used as pattern rendering, atomizing can be used for floral or wash.The suspended ceiling beam light can occasionally complement or illuminate.The beam light needs strong, a clear outline, a clean prism, and a fast shaking speed. 


Moving head hybrid  is one of the occasionally used lights: the biggest advantage of 3 in 1 is (Beam + Spot + Wash )the adjustable Angle, many rotating GOBO(Even accept moving head custom gobo to reach customer special using), can control the spot size, the utilization rate is not high because the cost is higher than the beam lights.Its effect has stage or T stage character to chase after light, large area design apply colours to a drawing of metope of banquet hall, table flower is fixed point light, also can use fill dye and face light. 3 in 1  requires a clear enough GOBO. 


The wash light- or moving head wash   is divided into shaking head and non-shaking head (PAR light), which is one of the indispensable lamps.Its role is to render the color of the stage or runway, the color of the whole hall, to create an atmosphere.Illuminate the depth of the stage, foil stage figures.The unit price of shaking head wash light  is higher than that of non-shaking one, so shaking head wash light is an occasional choice.


Face light  is one of the essential lamps;Its function is stage lighting. Popular lamps and lanterns include pure white PAR light, COB face light, LED imaging light, LED spotlight, zoom face light, etc.Face light lamp general color temperature, color index, uniformity requirements, because the surface light to camera service. 


And, a few effect lights and lanterns to be chosen according to different demand, for example laser light, wash wall light, and the fog machine of stage special effect, dry ice machine.


XMLITE lighting used in the banquet hall , has a complete productline: beam lamp, 3 in 1 ( Beam + Spot + Wash), wash light, face light  and other products, has a wealth of case experience.According to your use of the venue, based on your budget  (also have moving head lights cheap mode)to provide lighting solutions for the banquet hall.





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