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XMlite's 10th Anniversary Celebration and new 1200W profile moving head light launched

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On December 30, 2020,XMLITE ushered in the tenth anniversary celebration with the theme of " XMLITE Ten Years and Win-Win Future". More than 600 people from industry colleagues, business association leaders, expert teachers, partners from all over the world, supplier partners, employees and their families gathered together to participate in the grand event. Witness the brilliant XMLITE ten years , and look forward to XMLITE next ten years.





The whole event is divided into factory celebration ceremony, new product release and celebration dinner. During the factory celebration, Lince Liang , general manager of our company, thanked many guests in his speech, and also reviewed how the company has succeeded in becoming one of the few manufacturers of high-power profile moving head lights in the industry over the past ten years. And expressed that our company's achievements cannot be separated from the support of the company and industry colleagues!





After the celebration ceremony, the guests experienced and visited the working environment of the company and the achievements of the tenth anniversary on the production line of our company, and communicated with each other.





The new product launch ceremony and celebration dinner were held in Guangzhou Huaju Grand Hyatt Hotel.


The host opened the scene and introduced the guests participating in the event:






XMLITE H12 (1200w LED PROFILE MOVING HEAD LIGHT) is a four-in-one LED moving head light has made a major leap in innovation after ten years of technology accumulation. It combines beam, porfile, patterning, and wash four in one. It uses 1200W LED white light module, the light source life is up to 20,000 hours, the output light flux is up to 46,000 lumens, the front lens diameter is 190mm, and the angle zoom range is 5-52°.

In addition, the lighting product also has a pioneering six-piece full-process graphics cutting system, the cutting pattern can be rotated 180 degrees, and the direction and angle of each cutting piece can be individually controlled, and the light can be completely closed to provide more creativity for the lighting engineer select. In terms of light color, the CTO color temperature of H12 is linearly adjustable, with CMY infinite color mixing, which can perfectly present a color wheel 6+1 with a CRI, a rotating pattern wheel 6+1, and a fixed pattern wheel 7+1 And a rotatable dynamic effect wheel.




Then Lince Liang gave a welcome speech for the dinner. He said that it is the joint efforts of all XMLITE people, the help and support of partners, business association leaders, and experts and teachers that have made XMLITE today. Thank you to all guests and friends.


He also pointed out that after ten years of development, XMLITE's team has continued to expand and brand influence has continued to increase, but it has always adhered to technology, products and services as a troika of enterprise development and market-driven. The future market competition will be innovation competition, service competition, and even brand competition.


Although production and sales are still recovering from the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, XMLITE will always insist on increasing investment in R&D and innovation, expanding the service team, and repaying new and old customers with first-class products and first-class services; Xiangming Lighting will also be responsible for “Light to create new vision” corporate mission, using the mature technical experience accumulated in the OEM process for internationally renowned brands in the past ten years, serving the domestic market, building XMLITE into a domestic first-class lighting brand, and promoting XMLITE’s brand business to a new the height of.










 So far, our company's tenth anniversary celebration has successfully concluded! We also look forward and bless XMLITE to achieve a bigger, stronger and higher leap in the next ten years!





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