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XMLITE Building Brand Influence

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On November 25th, hosted by the Performing Arts and Equipment Committee of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong, the first phase of the visit and exchange activities of the Guangdong Stage Art, Science Promotion Association, Yuemang, and Hunan Chamber of Commerce Performing Arts and Equipment Committees was successfully held. At the meeting, XMLITE General Manager Mr.Lince made a speech on the spot. The distinctive theme and refined content let everyone experience a different XMLITE culture.

It is said that "theory guides practice", a good business philosophy is the prerequisite for the vigorous development of an enterprise. What kind of philosophy is giving strong support behind XMLITEs outstanding? In this speech, General Manager Liang Chengxiang gave the answer.

Product Differentiation

No matter which industry you are in, once the product is homogenized, you can only fight a price war in the end, and differentiation can better avoid vicious competition and achieve a win-win situation for all parties. XMLITE knows this well and therefore attaches great importance to the issue of product differentiation.

At the beginning of XMLITEs establishment, beam  lights with CMY were very popular on the market. XMLITE not only did not follow suit, but with a keen insight into the market, went against the trend and launched the industry's first 300W beam light without CMY. As a result, this product quickly opened up the market by virtue of its cost-effective advantages and became the hottest product of the year.

In 2013, when the industry focused on the 330, XMLITE launched the industry's first 280 three-in-one. Eight years later, this product is still very popular and continues to create benefits for XMLITE.

These cases have all verified the importance of the concept of "Product Differentiation". XMLITE has also adhered to this concept and continued to launch differentiated products such as XY axis magnetic encoding motors, 180-degree turning cutting systems, and surface light cutting lights. It is loved and recognized by users.

Service Refinement

With the development of the industry, more and more customers begin to value service. In the market competition, when the competition comes to the end and the technological gap narrows, service may be the key to victory. Since its establishment, XMLITE has made many efforts to provide services to customers, laying a good foundation for "service refinement".

In 2010, XMLITE took the lead in the industry to propose three-year after-sales service, which has also become one of the decisive factors for XMLITEs products sell well abroad. In 2018, the light source complaint between manufacturers and users was very controversial, so Mr.Lince thought that if a beam lamp that can completely resolve the dispute of the beam customer can be launched, it should be very popular.

As expected, after the first LLP400 beam l with light source warranty was launched, the sales exceeded 10,000pcs in the first year, reversing XMLITEs low market share in the medium-power beam lamp, and it has been selling well to this day.

This year, XMLITE continues to adhere to the concept of "Service Refinement", and proposes seven-day return of standard products without reason, exchange of old Hotbeam series old products, and other service, constantly pursuing perfect product experience.

Before the exchange meeting, the guests visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop. In the exhibition hall,Mr.Lince showed everyone the patented lighting effects one by one, and gave a detailed explanation. The exquisite craftsmanship made the attendees call "Awesome!" In the production workshop, the representative of XMLITE introduced related products to the visitors in detail, which was greatly affirmed.

In 2021, XMLITE concentrated on forging brand influence and reputation. Not only active in various major events, but also presented many excellent works. This allowed XMLITE to gain attention and appreciation rapidly.

At the beginning of the year, XMLITE Products participated in the recording of the large-scale CCTV cultural program "China in Classics". The performance of the LED profile  Exp600 provided for the show has been unanimously affirmed by the show's lighting design team, especially the 180-degree cutting graphics rotation function, which has played a great role in the rehearsal programming and received high praise.

GET show Welcome Dinner

On May 7, the 2021 GET show lighting and sound exhibition welcome dinner was successfully held in Guangzhou Changlong Hotel. XMLITE was responsible for the lighting of the venue that day. Due to the tight early installation time, heavy tasks, and work harder, many industry colleagues and experts gathered on the day of the conference. If it is not done well, it will cause a great negative impact. XMLITE rushed to work day and night under pressure, and finally received high praise from the organizer.

The 4th China Stage Art Exhibition

On July 23-26, XMLITE took part in the 4th China Stage Art Exhibition with his work "Sun Moon Radiance Ring". "Sun and Moon" comes from XMLITE "Ming", which not only refers to lighting, but also contains the connotation of the passage of time and the infinite possibilities of the future. This work that perfectly integrates ideas, art, and technology has successfully attracted the attention of many artists, and everyone can't help but watch the shooting.

On November 2, XMLITE was selected as the Top Ten Lighting (National) Brands by HC Brands. XMLITE has been deeply involved in the industry for 11 years, and this is the first time he has won the award.

"Product Differentiation" requires a keen insight into the market to discover what products customers need. "Service Refinement" requires careful attention to user experience and thinking about what customers worry about after using the product. Both of them have reached the same goal by different routes, both of which reflect XMLITE’s brand strategy slogan: XMLITE Lighting is a worry-free choice! Finding needs, making good products, and improving services can make the brand move forward steadily and go further!

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