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New moving head beam will come soon. but what will be new?

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As the beam200 moving head lightsold more and more,the price war is very fierce, but we need go far in this stage lighting business, so how should we do?

The Beijing Exhibition is coming soon, but what products you are expecting? still beam200? beam230? I think it is really a little out though these models were still hot sale in Guangzhou Xiangming Light and other factories.

But who can be the moving head beam factory leader? except Robe, Claypaky, Martin, then who will be?--must be Xiangming (XMlite).

Since BEAM300 developed in 2010, we developed faster and faster. from 400 sqm factory increased to 6000sqm of 3 floors, sale quantities from 1000pcs/year to 20,000pcs/year. that is never be exist in other factories.

But in future months, what products we can offer and what products customer will expect.

from this month, the New moving head beam will come soon from XMlite, ARE YOU EXPECTING? we will show u in Beijing Exhibition, will you come to see?

We will be waiting for you visit our booth and our real gurantee factory, ok? welcome all of our dearest friends!

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