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BEAMSPOT 280 Must become the most favorite in the Spots

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                                              BEAMSPOT 280 Must become the most favorite in the Spots

In stage lighting line, when all eyes are focused on 15R, 16R, 17R and other high-power moving head beam lights and spot lights.

XMLITE insist on the different route, we chose a lamp source is not so much to be concerned about -OSRAM SIRIUS HRI280, because we want to develop a product which is capable of enduring alternative 250,575,700 series spot lights.

After one year, this classic BEAMSPOT 280 finally come out and selling hot as BEAM200. (hereinafter referred to BS280).BS280 has several these  advantages which other products can't do that.
 1)Power is small enough, only 280W; ultra uniform spot output, ultra-linear dimming; linear adjustable beam angle with 0-40 degrees, and can adjust the angle in the high-speed to reach the Iris effect!

2) High-quality optics, ultra-clear spot effects with clean edge.the foundation stage is the spot, not the  beam.Even you use big quantity of moving head beam lights, the Spot lights is still essential for the stage.

BS280 has now been sold very well,we believe there will be a better  sales future.

The following is the part of the customer's feedback for BS280:
1)A well-known distributor from the United States said last year: this is my big harvest because I  found this BS280, which is what we've been looking for, we do not like 15R products.Because 15R with big weight,higher price  and lamp lifetime not good as we thought.

 2)A  lighting designer from Taiwan: BS280 is a good light, Taiwan people don't like 15R,  BS280 is better for selling  in Taiwan. So uniform spot effect is exactly what we need.

 3) A famous chain bars  director from China: After using this BS280, the 15R, 700W, 575W must be out of population, because BS280 can meet all of the height. there is no way  we used the 15R or 700W in the past, that is because we did not see this BS280.

Here is the showcase used in the bar:


Here is used in the live concert:

Here is used for a Plaza;


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