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Difference Between Beam 10r moving head beam lights & moving head beam 230w

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The Analyze of Difference Between Beam 10r moving head beam lights &  moving head beam 230w 

In order to make our customers clear about the difference between beam 280w moving head (Hot Beam) 

and beam 230w moving head (Beam 230) and select the suitable one, this artical explain and compare them in 6 aspects.

1. Source 

Both the two models featuring OSRAM SIRIS series light source. As date shown form Osram Authority, 

the output of beam 280 and beam 230w are respectively 14000lux and 11200lux; color temperature both are 7500K. 

The average life span is 2500hrs for HRI 230 and 2000hrs for HRI 280.( Following bulb are the original OSRAM light source, not the project lamp)



230w moving head using singel optial lens so that its beam angel is 0-3°. On the other hands, beam 280w with 3 pcs optical lens (output lens, dimmer lens and zoom lens) offering a better spot and color adjustment, its beam & zoom ranges from a minimun of 0° up to a maximum of 25°。

We choose one Hot Beam 280w and one Beam 230w randomly for testing. 

The dates as below at a distance at 8 meters, spot diameter is 60CM.


HotBeam 280W Moving Head

Beam 230W Moving Head


960*100 Lux

755*100 Luc


68*100 Lux

40*100 Lux


124*100 Lux

36*100 Lux


99*100 Lux

48*100 Lux


136*100 Lux

46*100 Lux

Color Temperature



4. Gobo wheel

There is two gobo wheel fixturing Beam 280w  one fixed gobo wheel(14 static gobos ) 

And one interchangeable ratating gobo wheel( 9 rotating gobos).

Beam 230w Moving Head with one fixed gobo with 17 static gobos.

5. Prism wheel

There is only one 8-facet prism in beam 230w, and two rotating prisms in beam 280w,

 one is six-way linear prism and the other is 8-way circular prism, can be adjust by focus. 

That is why beam 280w show a super clear spot, other than beam 230w.

 Sometimes,its gobo may be not so clear when we turn on prism effect.

6. Weight

The beam 230w's net weight is 18.5KG, anyhow, the beam 280w is just 16kg, 

making it by far the lightest fixture in its class.

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