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XiangMing FS800 beam follow spot use long lifespan white LED series light source.Front optical lens size is 266mm,with zoom range 3.5-11°,adjustable spot size and frost,90 meters minimum angle brightness1100 lux,high uniformity spot,0-100 linear iris,adjustable linear CTO,the curveof dimmer surpass linear.Brightness better than traditional 1500w lamp followspot,you will not worry about the light-declining and the cost of changing the lamp.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LED Follow Spot,Follow Spotlight can use in 90 meters

Click here for video !!

Mode NO :FS800

Optical System

Zoom Range:3-11°
Iris avaible

Light Source
Light Source: High power LED source;
Life time:20000Hours

Color Wheels
5 color+ white
Color temperature:  color temperature adjust +frost

Electrical Info
Input voltage range: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 800W
Power connector input 

Size & Weight
Product size:  830x350x320mm;
Flycase: 640x600x1200 mm;
Carton box:  950x350x390 mm;
N.W: 27 kg;
G.W: 30 kg(carton box).
G.W: 83kg(With flycase ).



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