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  • 420W Mega Lite Moving Head,Moving Head LightsBack

  • Model: MEGAPLUS 420
  • Voltage: 110-240V,50/60Hz;
  • Bulb model: Ushio450
  • Effect wheel: 
  • Color wheel:  11 COLORS+WHITE
  • Gobo: 14 gobo + white.
  • Power: 600W;
  • IP lever:  IP20;
  • Voltage: 
  • Size: 24.5 KG ;
  • Function: 
  • Carton size: 28 KG
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launch time of Megaplus420 beam spot hybrid moving head light was in 2019, using USHIO NSL450 light source, bulb power: 450W, is a high-performance smart pattern beam moving light; using high transmittance optical lens, the beam is thick and strong . Two gobo discs, one of which is interchangeable and rotatable. The diameter of the rotatable gobo is 22mm. The large-size LOGO film can engrave complex LOGO, which can be satisfied with the engraving of various complex LOGO; rotating prism disk 1: 8 prism, rotating prism Disk 2: 6 prisms, two disks can be superimposed, zoomable, and a variety of different prism effects can be derived. The product can be used in medium and large-scale performances, conference multi-function halls, TV stations, theaters and other places.

420W Mega Lite Moving Head

Click here for video MegaPlus 420

Click here for other all here XMlite


Channel Mode:19CH;  

Light Source 
Lamp: USHIO 450;
power: 110-240V,50/60Hz;  
Total power: 600W;

Optical System

Beam angel : 3.2~38°; 

Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment ;

Gobo Wheels
Fixed gobo :   14 gobo + white.
Rotation gobo:   7 gobo+ white,Replaceable.
Diameters22mm ,easy for complicated logo design ;
Rotating GOBO diameter is 21.8mm, effective diameter is 16.5mm,, GOBO is thickness 1.1mm.

Color Wheels
Corlor wheel: 11 COLORS+WHITE

Prism System
Prism:8 facet prism +6 linear prism, prism can overlay.

Control & Screen
Display:  2.8 inch  screen display, can reverse 180°;
USB connector can set dmx address with power and upgrade the software.
RDM function.

Pan :  540°;  8Bit/16Bit ;
Tilt  :  270°;  8Bit/16Bit ;

Size & Weight
Product size:   410x250x690 mm;
Flycase:  930x520x910 mm;
Carton box:  800x420x500mm;
N.W: 25KG ;
G.W:  28 KG(carton box).

1.Power Cables

2.safety cable


4.User manul




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