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Moving head wash light used in Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial Nacional show

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Barkol’s original little tune historical drama "Cameler" was performed publicly at the Barkol’s Little Music Heritage Center, bringing a unique cultural feast to people of all ethnic groups.

"Cameler" was created based on the historical background of the Barkol camel merchant at the end of the farming era. It tells the story of the Zhenxi County Chamber of Commerce camel merchants with the assistance of the Shaanxi camel team secretly sending a batch of anti-Japanese materials to the Anti-Japanese Frontier. The whole play takes the love story of Shaanxi camel merchant Pan Chengcheng and the local girl Yu Guihua as a clue, showing the love of family and patriotism of Zhenxi people in the farming era and the style of camel visitors on the Silk Road.

Barkun Small tune Inheritance Center uses XMlite  moving head beam lights, 3 in 1 lights, moving head wash light,LED imaging lights and other stage lights. Mainly installed on the stage by hanging, the excellent performance of the lamps has been unanimously affirmed by the on-site lighting engineers and many customers.

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