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High brightness LED Hybrid Moving Head lanuched soon

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Exp170 is based on Hot beam moving head light hybrid model, appropriately optimized for LED hybrid moving head source products. 

The LED light source has below advantage:

1. a long life (20,000hours),

2. excellent uniformity,

3. good linearity and

4. low heat dissipation noise. 

The EXP 170 3 in 1 moving head light is equipped with 2 prisms, 3 facet prism and 8 facet prism due to which the prism effect is substantially clearer.  The light angle is less than 3.5° unlike the commonly available angle of 6°-7 ° in the 3 in 1 light.  The beam strength / sense is stronger.

More importantly, on the basis of 170W's light source power and taking into account the optical lens group of our Exp170, the luminous flux reaches 14000Lm, reaching 82lYou are requested to spare a few moments to see the product video provided below so that you may experience the performance of our product and we are confident you will be able to see the advantages of our products.

Our product is ideally suited for entertainment, bar, hotels and banquet hall, industry and our products were well received and praised highly by our customers especially at the exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.