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An introduction of profile moving head lights( Framing light)

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Cutting is a physical action. Narrow cutting requires cutting objects with sharp implements. In math, there are extended "cutting lines", which can divide a plane into several parts.

The principle of moving head GOBO light is cutting of the beam with an electrical cutting function. The beam can be cut into arbitrary shapes as required by the scene and the shape of the spot. It is used compliment the needs of performers and the decoration of props. Currently the moving head profile are widely used as surface lighting. Excision of unnecessary miscellaneous light. For example, the light that shine only on the big screen, or shine only on the truss. It means that the area that shines should be lit to remove the area that is not bright. Make the stage cleaner and focus on the highlight.


In the  moving head profile  , a profile device has a revolving function. At present it is generally rotating at 90°, which can greatly improve the efficiency of cutting.  Profile moving head  lights need to have both, a zoom and a focus function to facilitate the change in facula and the size adjustment. This requires high uniformity. Profile moving head lights need to be equipped with CMY+CTO function to facilitate adjustment of color and color temperature.


Till recently, the high cost of  moving head profile restricted their usage and as a result they were sparingly used that too for special occasions like TV program recording, drama etc. 

Now we , XMLITE have launched moderately priced series of Profile moving head Lights-also called framing moving head light,(660w LED  moving head profile,470W LED  moving head profile and 1400W  moving head profile). 

This will make XMLITE brand Profile moving head  Lights accessible to a lot more lighting professional at economical prices and in turn enhance and upgrade their performance which was not possible earlier. With this industry experts believe that soon there will be there will be 3 kinds of stage lights in the future:


1) profile moving head  lights -also called Framing moving head light,

2) beam lights moving head light

3) 3 in1 hybrid  moving head light


Currently the  moving head profile are bulb light source and LED light source respectively and each have its advantages.


The advantages of LED are long life, slow fading.  The indication level can be customizable. Whereas, the advantage of the bulbs are that they have good color saturation and the range is far away.  So in terms of cost, the LED with the same intensity / brightness is more expensive than the bulb.


The following are illustrations to substantiate the above: