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LED moving head wash zoom used in annual convention and celebration

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Xmlite stage lighting factory 's Led moving head wash used in annual convention and celebration .
On July 18, the 30th Annual convention and Celebrationof the New Oriental Culinary Education program was held in the ProvincialCapital Jinan Theatre ,Shandong.
The festival was attended by the elite of China’s Catering fraternity along with the entire New Oriental Education family.

The 30th Annual celebrations of this festival was aleap huge step forward in promoting Chinese professional Culinary education. ThePageant was aglorious celebration for new Oriental culinary education initiative, andwas a huge step to promote China's all important vocational Education Program.


Inorder to see and assess the achievements and teaching level of New Oriental Culinaryeducation, the Pageant was an excellent opportunity for Mr. Han Ming, Presidentof the China Hotel Association and Mr. Huang Bo, its spokesperson, to visit theNew Oriental Cuisine College and experience the developments of the NewOriental Culinary education over the past 30 years.It was an achievements of brilliant education.


XMLITE Lights 2018 took this opportunity to launched the  LED moving head wash zoom  (37* 15W  , 4 in 1), at this grand occasion.  The launch was a gorgeous success and added to the grandeur of the pageant and introduced innumerable decision makers to the products.