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Qingdao Phoenix voice MUVI Electric Festival use Beam moving head illuminates the

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The Qingdao Phoenix voice MUVI segment of the three major shows of the 2018 Phoenix International Music season line up was very powerful. The combination of the Italian VINAI brothers and the Mexican goddess MARIANA BO at MUVI the fantastic summer showing display their caliber and pure charismatic electric sound.

The Qingdao sound MUVI segment of the Pheonix show was opened on July 20th at the Phoenix sound theater in the Beer city of Jinsha beach, Qingdao's new West Coast new area.  It is an "island of music" in the new area. It is reported that this electric syllable is the first large-scale indoor electronic music festival in China, It continued till August 26th.

The 9r beam moving head beam along with the other participants which support moving head wash ,moving head hybird received a great applaud and a standing ovation. 

The 9r beam mvoing head beam was well received by the participants and spectators alike as was evident from the response we received at the show and thereafter.