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The colorful banquet hall of Fengyu International Hotel

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Fengyu International Hotel is located in Fengyu International Plaza, Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia. The Fengyu International Plaza project was invested and constructed in May 2015. The project mainly includes large shopping malls, hotels, entertainment, offices, cinemas and performing arts squares. With a total investment of 300 million yuan, it covers an area of ​​31 mu and a total construction area of ​​88,201 square meters. Among them, the ground floor area is 74,017 square meters (40,687 square meters for commercial buildings, 24,644 square meters for hotels and apartments, 6,124 square meters for office buildings, 2,562 square meters for theaters and performing arts squares), and 14,184 square meters for underground buildings (including 9280 for supermarkets and swimming pools). Square meters, garage 4904 square meters).

The stage lighting of the banquet hall of Fengyu International Hotel used XMLITE Lighting's 260 beam lights and 400 beam lights.

The scene effect of beam light is colorful and beautiful.

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