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Bad Phenomenon and Cause Analysis

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 We actively feedback and communicate with light source manufacturers, and summarize and analyze the causes of various undesirable phenomena, the time period when the problems occurred, and the corresponding countermeasures.

Suggestions for extending the service life of the light source (including but not limited to other beam light sources) Based on the characteristics of the light source and the data collected in the past, we propose the following usage suggestions to those users who want to extend the usage time of the light source.

Suggestions for the use of lamps switch:

 1.After the lamp is lit, try not to extinguish the lamp within 5 minutes. Because the lamp ball has not reached thermal equilibrium at this time, it is easy to produce blackening, which eventually causes lamp devitrification and shortens the service life of the lamp.

2.After the controller light up the lamp, it may be interfered by external high frequency, and some lamps will receive the lamp light up signal later or wrong signal. It is recommended that if the lamp still does not light up after 2 minutes of lighting, reset the whole lamp and then restart the lighting.

3.For conditional users, when the lamp is turned off, it can be set to be uniformly extinguished in the horizontal state of the lamp head (Y axis) (in this state, the left and right heat dissipation of the light source is the most balanced), which can reduce the cold cracking or lamp broken. , have better help. If it is tilted, the heat will be biased to one side of the wick, which is more likely to cause thermal imbalance.

4.Try to avoid frequent switching of bulbs, especially within 1 minute after opening the lamp. If the lamp is turned off within 1 minute, it is easy to cool the mercury in the bulb into large particles, especially for new lamp, mercury beads are more likely to cause lamp electrodes. The phenomenon of short circuit will cause the lamp can not light up. At this time, you need to remove the lamp, tap it with your hand, throw the mercury on the inner wall of the lamp, and remove the short circuit, and you can light the lamp again.

Suggestion for use in standby mode:

1.The lamp should not be in a static state for a long time (the lamp is already on), and the XY axis of the lamp should be shaken slowly at a large angle as much as possible to make the heat dissipation of the lamp ball more balanced.

2.For users who use the lamp head at a fixed angle for a long time, adjust the XY axis as much as possible to flip, but the lamp head direction remains unchanged.

3.If there is no condition for alternate use, the lamp head can be slowly shaken 10 minutes before the lamp is extinguished after the end of the activity (the XY axis moves from 0 to 255 at the same time) to release the stress generated by the use at a fixed angle and reduce the stress accumulation.

4.After the console extinguish the lamp, the lamps should be powered off in time to reduce the rate of cold cracking and lamp broken.

 Other suggestion:

When the lamp is not powered on for a long time and does not light up, the light source will still age with the passage of time, which will shorten the life of the light source. It is recommended that the lamps be powered on and run brightly on a regular basis. To sum up, the above is the statistical analysis of the light source fault data and related suggestions. If the lamps are compared to common cars, then the light source is like the engine of the car. Our drivers do not use it according to the recommendations of the car companies, and the service life of the engine will also be shortened. The same goes for the light source. Xmlite is committed to becoming a first-class R&D stage lighting manufacturer with satisfaction, carefully listening to every user's suggestion, continuously optimizing our products, and giving users a better experience.




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