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China Lighting Society Stage Film and TV Lighting 2022

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On the morning of September 24, the expert research team of the Stage Film and Television Lighting Professional Committee of the China Lighting Society (hereinafter referred to as the "Special Committee") visited XMLITE to conduct a visit and research work. The research team is composed of: Wang Jingchi, director of the special committee, professor-level senior engineer of China Central Radio and Television; Mr.Qu Guojun, deputy director of the special committee, first-class stage lighting engineer of China Central Radio and Television; member and expert of the special committee Lin Peiqun, executive vice president of the Liaison Committee, senior engineer of Guangdong Radio and Television Station; Liu Jianzhen, member of the special committee, vice chairman of the expert liaison committee, stage technical director of Guangzhou Grand Theater; member of the special committee, second-level stage lighting engineer of Jiangsu Radio and Television Station Chen Yonggang Mr. Zhong Guomiao, member of the special committee and senior engineer of Hangzhou Grand Theater; expert of the special committee, Mr. Zu Changshan, director of lighting of Hunan Song and Dance Theater; expert of the special committee, secretary-general of the Performing Arts Equipment Professional Committee of Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, Ms. Liu Minyan. 8 experts.

First of all, Mr. Wang Jing, the director of the special committee, made a speech. He congratulated Mr. Lince, the general manager of XMLITE, on being appointed as a member of the special committee. Thank XMLITE for its support to the research activities of the special committee, and hope to continue to support the work of the special committee.

Mr. Qu Guojun, deputy director of the special committee, presided over the meeting on behalf of the expert research group, and introduced the experts present and the purpose of this research at XMLITE. He hoped to communicate and learn from each other in depth with the enterprise, understand the research and development trends of computer light products, and put forward product research and development suggestions.

Mr.Lince, general manager of  XMLITE , extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the expert research team, and then accompanied the business team, technical engineers and other representatives to visit the company's production line, exhibition hall, etc., and showed the expert research team three new products in 2022 (MF9 dual light source computer Cutting lamp, LM660 six-color shaking dye, Exp700 beam cutting lamp), the expert research group teacher carefully tested and verified a number of data, and held a technical exchange symposium after the visit.

At the symposium, the teachers of the expert research group conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, and made their impressions and suggestions for this research:

Teacher Lin Peiqun made a speech: This time I came to XMLITE for research and I was pleasantly surprised. XMLITE is still insisting on research and development. Your company is very solid in introducing the various data of the product, and can also communicate frankly and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The dual light source computer cutting light solves some industry pain points of mobile performances, and also considers the cost of fixtures.

Mr. Liu Jianzhen made a speech: This is the first time I came to XMLITE for research, and suggested that lighting companies should make the best of commonly used functions, pay attention to product stability, continue to optimize basic things, and reduce user costs. It is hoped that the computer light will be light in weight, small in size, positive in color and low in failure rate in the future.

Mr. Zhong Guomiao said: We must pay attention to the noise control of the product. The more professional the product is, the higher the requirements for noise control. It is hoped that the beam cutting lamp Exp700 can be further improved on the basis of Ra80.

Teacher Qu Guojun said: XMLITE is a dedicated and diligent research and development enterprise. The three new products we saw today have bright spots and very good positioning. Exp700 beam cutting light is a product that replaces the functions of two lights, which can reduce one light pole and combine cutting + beam into one. To take into account the cost ratio, the total cost should not be too high. The MF9 dual light source cutting lamp solves a major pain point. It can achieve high CRI indoors, high brightness outdoors, and flexible use in multiple scenes with one lamp. This is an amazing product. The LM660 six-color shake dyeing can achieve high CRI in the high and low color temperature range, which is very convenient to use in TV programs. I hope to continue to optimize the white light mode.

Mr. Chen Yonggang said: I didn't know much about XMLITE before. I came here today to investigate and I was impressed. After seeing several new products, I also felt that XMLITE was developing in the direction of multi-functional products. Of course, with more functions, there will be more tests of product durability and stability, and I hope to strengthen verification in these areas.

Mr. Wang Jingchi made a speech: XMLITE is the last stop of our investigation. It is recommended that enterprises strictly implement industry group standards in product model naming and parameter labeling symbols. It is hoped that XMLITE, as a member of the special committee, will make more contributions to the development of the industry, continue to upgrade products, and bring new product concepts and technologies to the industry every year.

Thanks for the arrival of the expert research team, and expressed that they would conscientiously summarize the suggestions. So far, the research activities have been successfully concluded.

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