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Fortunately, XMLITE has survived for 12 years!

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"I'm glad that  XMLITE has survived for 12 years!" Mr. Lince, the general manager of Guangzhou XMLITE Equipment Co., Ltd. expressed the hardships and twists and turns in the development process of a lighting company in one sentence, and also reflected the efforts and perseverance of XMLITE.

After 12 years of development and precipitation, XMLITE has grown into a stage lighting manufacturer whose products are selling well in more than 70 countries overseas. These 12 years have witnessed the birth and growth of Xiangming Lighting, and also witnessed the development of a generation of lighting companies. Let's walk into XMLITE together, and understand how XMLITE controls the market, fights the storm, and stands out in the fiercely competitive market with Mr. Lince, the general manager of XMLITE.

                                                                      ▶ Mr. Lince, general manager of XMLITE

Just like a person's growth, XMLITE has encountered various twists and turns in the past 12 years. The departure of the founder, the shortage of funds, the deviation of the development direction... But fortunately, all these have become the past.

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