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Enterprise development is better than focus, success is innovation

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Nowadays, there is a common phenomenon in all walks of life: chasing market trends and pursuing product diversification strategies. The stage lighting industry is no exception.

During its development, XMLITE once pursued a complete range of product lines, broadened its business product lines, and followed suit to produce some so-called "explosive products" in the market. However, it pursued product diversification too much, did not pay enough attention to products and technologies, and ignored the market. eventually lead to failure.

Since then, XMLITE has a clearer understanding of the product line, no longer demanding product diversification, but only seeking to be a benchmark in a certain category of lighting. Practice has also proved the correctness of this decision.

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"In today's market division of labor and specialization, only by focusing can we gain absolute market advantages. Enterprises should not blindly pursue more products, but should focus on technology to achieve the ultimate in certain types of products." Mr. Lince said.

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