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Moving Head Light Mechanical System

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The stage moving head light mechanical system includes a wide range, including materials, structure, mechanical properties, shell requirements, and heat dissipation property requirements. The lighting materials are given priority to meet the functional requirements of the light, the difficulty of manufacturing, the process and the economy. At present, the materials of stage moving head lights mainly include steel, plastic, and aluminum alloy. Under the premise of satisfying the overall function of the lamp, different parts of the lamp are designed with different materials.

The structure of the stage moving head light determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, strength, noise, weight and other factors. For example, the 230W beam lamp adopts a double-arm support structure, and the lamp body rotates up to 540 degrees horizontally and 250 degrees vertically. The base part must be strengthened to meet the requirements of hanging and flipping the beam lights.

The mechanical performance of the stage moving head light is mainly reflected in the mechanical strength of the lamp body parts, so that the lamp body is not deformed, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, compression-resistant, and shock-resistant during the continuous and effective working time. The lamp housing must have strict requirements for waterproof, dust-proof, anti-static, and moisture-proof. According to the degree of waterproof and dust-proof, the protection requirements of different enclosures are divided: for example, the protection requirements of indoor beam lights are usually IP20, and the protection requirements of outdoor beam lights are usually IP44.

For the machinery of high-power stage moving head lights, heat dissipation is essential. If the heat dissipation system is defective, it will cause serious consequences such as parameter drift, film breaks, plaques appear, crash, loss of synchronization, and out of control


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