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Suggestions for Extending the Life of Beam Light Sources

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The customer complaint about the traditional light source of stage lighting is one of the inevitable customer complaints in the industry, especially the customer complaint rate of moving head beam lights with power above 400W (also known as beam lamp) is higher than that of low-power lamps.

  Light source complaints are caused by differences in individual light source materials and errors in the light source production and assembly process, as well as user habits that affect the life of the light source and other factors.

 This article will give valuable suggestions to our users based on the data collection and analysis in the past, especially the users of XMlite's beam lights must read it.

  The light source manufacturer has the following definition of the light source survival rate in the lamp specification [see Figure 1 for the translation of the screenshot of the light source specification]: If more than 50% of the test samples reach the initial 50% brightness, the batch of light sources is completely qualified. For example, test 120 lamps, the light source life is 1500 hours.

 After 1500 hours, subtract the number of unusable lamps (including: non-lighting bubbles, frying bubbles, average luminous flux ≤ 50%, etc.), if there are 60 remaining lamps (50% of the number), and the luminous flux is greater than or equal to the original brightness 50%, that is, it is considered that the batch of light sources is qualified, and it can also be considered that a certain number of light source failures are allowed.


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