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Moving Head Electrical and Program Control

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Most professional stage moving head lights use discharge lamps as light sources. The starting and stable operation of the discharge lamps depend on the circuit design, power supply, ballast and other electrical components. After the discharge lamp is started, it generally does not require a stable time. During the entire AC cycle, the difference between the circuit's sustaining voltage and the bulb's instantaneous voltage should be sufficiently large.

The starting, stability, extinguishing, and restarting of stage moving head lights should be designed according to the characteristics of the light source. The starting voltage of  discharge lamp is very high, requiring the use of transformers, starting devices, and semi-resonant circuits to increase the instantaneous starting voltage. The stability of the light source after starting depends on the matching of the ballast and circuit parameters. The basic function of the ballast is to prevent the current from running out of control and make the light source work under its normal electrical characteristics.

The restart of the light source, in the conventional circuit design, due to the high temperature generated during the operation of the discharge lamps, the saturated gas in the lamps vapor pressure resistance, and it is difficult to realize the light source to be triggered immediately. The gas pressure in the lamps must be reduced to the cold value before the restart can be triggered.  


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