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Advantages of LED profile moving head lights

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As LED light sources have attracted much attention, the stage lighting industry has gradually emerged a trend of replacing traditional light sources by LED light sources. Especially in the field of  profile moving head  lights, more and more LED light source profile moving head lights have appeared.

At present, the more mainstream LED profile moving head lights on the market have high-power 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1200W, and lower power LED  profile moving head  lights with 400W and 470W are more common.

The reason why LED profile moving head lights are popular in the market must have their irreplaceable advantages.

Using LED to replace traditional light sources, there is almost no concern about replacing light sources. In a short period of time, the light source of LED profile moving head lights is a solid-state light-emitting device with a long working life and can be replaced by tens of thousands of hours.  This also saves the cost of replacing the light source!

In addition, compared with the traditional profile moving head lights, the LED moving head light source has low heat generation, and there is no danger of extinguishing the lamp at any time or exploding the lamp.

At the same time, the LED profile moving head light is easy to dimming and easy to control.

Because LED is a kind of light-emitting device, the light and shut-off can be controlled by the change of current, and it does not consume electricity when it is not lit, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving!While the traditional profile moving head light realizes closing and dimming through a mechanical shutter when dimming, the light source itself is adjusted and changed, and the light source is always in working condition.

The dimming of the LED profile moving head light source is more linear, and the dimming speed of the lamp is accelerated. The LED light source can generally respond within tens of milliseconds. It is a high-speed device, which is beyond the reach of other light sources. Design, the spot uniformity of the LED profile moving head light is also better.

Furthermore, the LED moving head light can be customized according to the requirements of the user in terms of the color temperature of the light source, the display index and other technical parameters.The parameters of traditional profile moving  head light sources are uniform, and the lamp manufacturers cannot adjust the light source itself.  In contrast, LED light sources can be adjusted during the manufacturing process due to the particularity of their light source manufacturing to achieve more customized usage requirements.

Therefore, LED profile moving head lights have brought better choices to customers in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as safety and control.


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