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The difference between profile moving head light and spot moving head light

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In the past two or three years, profile moving head lights (represented by 1400W profile moving head  lights and 1000W LED profile moving head  lights) and spot profile moving head lights have become more and more widely used in the stage equipment industry. What are the differences between profile moving head lights and spot moving head lights as two heavyweight stage lights? Let's come one by one.

The spot moving head light is equipped with a special optical magnification system and the prominent pattern effect of the electronic focusing module. It focuses on the emitted light spots and graphics, and strives to highlight the gorgeous background of the scene and enhance the plane vision.

The profile moving head light is at spot light basis add an electric cutting function a, which can cut the light spot into a variety of geometric figures, and can realize the dynamic conversion of a variety of graphics.


 Above picture:  1400W profile moving light and LED profile moving light

We often say that both types of lights are computer lights (Or moving head lights).

All have the characteristics of multi-angle rotation, high brightness and strong flexibility.

The difference between the two lights is that the moving head pattern light uses patterns to highlight the key points, and the pattern effect is more colorful, which is more conducive to the beautiful pattern effect of the performance; what is more, some spot lights also add a dynamic effect wheel. It can create dynamic pattern effects such as floating clouds, rain, flowing water, and rising flames. The spot light circle is large, suitable for projection in a certain range.

But the patterns of the spot moving head lights are made in advance. Even if the performance scene needs to be changed temporarily, it is impossible to make more adjustments on the scene.

The profile moving head light not only has the partial effect of the pattern light, but also allows the lighting engineer to sway freely, cutting out a variety of geometric figures required for the stage!

 Above picture:  Part of the geometry cut by the profile moving head light

The graphics cut by the profile moving head light can also be rotated by 90° or 180°, which is convenient to use and greatly improves the cutting efficiency. Now profile moving head lights are widely used in the use of surface light to remove unnecessary stray light. For example, the profile moving head lights on the stage can highlight the key points and enhance the shaping of the stage effect. Therefore, the profile moving head light can focus more on the effect and enhance the shaping of the stage effect.

Both lights have played a vital role in the stage. I believe that with the passage of time, spot moving head lights and profile lights are bound to usher in more and larger stages!

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