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What is 7R mean in moving head light?what is Power it is,and 10R,15R?

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------ the history about the "R"   


It is very interesting that many customer is asking what is "R" means in moving head lights.
Such as 5R,7R ( it is most popular before), then comes 2R, 3R, 10R, 15R,17R, 20R ,21R,9R.
In fact 10 years ago , we guess the "R" in lamp means the  diameters of the lamp,but slowlly ,it become an "Unit"
for lamp power. We have ask many lamp supplier in moving head lights area. but they also do not know why it should
name after that.

Anyway , today i want to make short introduction of the power of "R"

1. History( Just the sequence) :

 In fact firstly appear is 5R( Philips lighting company launched it), it is 189W (  it is not 200W)

 Then next comes is 7R(230w), then comes 10R, then as launch time sequence: 


Why does it not appear as the Number sequence .Then it will extend a very very long story.....

2.About the power the 5R,7R,10R .....means:

5R MOVING HEAD LIGHT( like claypaky Sharpy) =189W in lamp      

 but some lamp supplier will  make it to 200W. For the user , it is same ,no big different on power.

many factory  no more produce it. because it have same price as 7R moving head light


from 2012-2018 , this power is most popular items in moving head light business, it can used in most place.

but as technology improve, from2018-2021, people will buy 9R.

9R beam moving head light= 260W in lamp

from 2018-2021 ,it is on the way to instead of 7R beam

2R beam moving head light=132W in lamp (no factory produce it any more)

On 2014-2015 , people want a smaller size of beam light , so 2R appeared! but in order to reach the same funciton

as 7R, the raw material cost is very close to 7R, so market is not very hot sell for long time.

Now , no factory produce it 

1R moving head light=100W in lamp

In order to make the smallest beam light ,so there is 1R moving head , but now no factory produce it...

it seems we no need explain so many , then let us go faster:



3R= 150W 








then as time goes by there are 420W, 470W, 461W lamp  .people no more name it as how many "R"

Any question ,pls let us know,it is welcomed to communicate with us by mail

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